OpenJFX status update

Sverre Moe at
Tue Aug 7 13:44:39 UTC 2018

> The javapackager tool and associated jdk.packager and
> modules have been removed from the JDK along with
> JavaFX. They are not part of the standalone JavaFX builds.
> -- Kevin
> What options are there if one relies on the javapackager to create native
runtime images and native package installers?

We cannot then upgrade to Java 11 since it has been removed.
Neither can we use jlink instead since our application is not yet
modularized. Though jlink does not create the

There is a draft for a new jpackager tool, but when it will be ready seems
to be undetermined.

Have anyone tried to build the javapackager code with OpenJDK 11 and create
a javapackager executable file? It could be used as a standalone tool until
the new jpackager is ready.


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