Fate of jdk.packager and jdk.packager.services?

Michael Paus mp at jugs.org
Thu Aug 9 10:19:35 UTC 2018

1. What forces you to make the switch from 8 to 11 at the same day when 
jdk11 comes out?
2. The plan is that when jdk11 comes out there will already be an EA 
version of jdk12 available which
     already contains a version of the new packager which will also work 
with jdk11 then.
     As long as this plan holds, there will be no gap.

Am 09.08.18 um 11:42 schrieb Cyril F:
> I am sure the new jpackager tool will be a good substitute. But won't come before jdk12...
> In fact we are in the current situation :
>          We have a javaFX8 app distributed as a .exe with a bundled JRE.
>          We are mirating to javaFX11.
> My fear is that there will be a gap between javafx11 (october) and the new jpackager (not before jdk12) where no official and supported tool will be provided.
> In this situation (I am sure we are not alone) what should we do ? Wait for the new jpackager ? or start using openjfx11 with no real certainty ? use an other tool ?
> Cyril

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