[RFR] 8207159:Update ICU to version 62.1

Arunprasad Rajkumar arunprasad.rajkumar at oracle.com
Mon Aug 20 17:30:18 UTC 2018


Please review the fix for JDK-8207159.

1. Build system related changes(done by us): http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~arajkumar/8207159/webrev
2. Complete changeset({62.1 icu + build system} changes): http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~arajkumar/8207159/webrev/icu.core.changeset.gz 

#1 contains build system related changes which need to be reviewed. Following are the major build system changes WRT to previous ICU, 
a. Simplified CMake scripts, `icu/CMakeLists.txt` is now responsible to build icuuc, icu18n, icudata libraries. 
b. Removed icudata building shell script and simplified the data build process using data_as_asm.cpp, it converts the given icudt*.dat file into static library. It is written specifically for JavaFX(not from ICU). 
c. icudt*.zip is moved from `icu/sources/data/in/icudt*.zip` to `icu/java/data/icudt*.zip`.(Currently we zip the icudt*.dat file, but I don't see a reason to compress because mercurial itself compresses the files when storing) 

#2 contains the actual changeset file in compressed format, follow the below steps to apply 
$ cd rt 
$ wget  http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~arajkumar/8207159/webrev/icu.core.changeset.gz -O - | gunzip | hg import - —no-commit


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