How to access at JDK 10?

Miroslav Nachev at
Fri Aug 24 06:57:28 UTC 2018


I have apps that work well on JDK8, but on JDK10 I do not have access to
some classes, for example, This class
is the only one, that is up to date (RFC 6265) and is part of Java. The class is obsolete: RFC 2965. The Cookie solution in
Apache HttpComponents is very complicated, difficult to use, and is mostly
not compatible with JDK and JavaFX.
In fact, I use JavaFX CookieManager in the following 3 scenarios:

   - When using WebEngine (JavaFX 8).
   - JavaFX Desktop App to store frequently used words in text and other
   fields (TextField, etc.).
   - To store session parameters in JavaFX Desktop Clients that uses REST
   WS or Web Sockets to connect to the Web Server (App Server).

Is there any way to enable access to
at JDK 10?


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