How to access at JDK 10?

Arunprasad Rajkumar arunprasad.rajkumar at
Fri Aug 24 09:04:36 UTC 2018

Hello Miro,

CookieManager is a module private class, which is not exposed to outside.

I could think of two options,

1. is a type of, that means after instantiating WebEngine, you can call CookieHandler.getDefault() to get the instance of CookieManager.
	new WebEngine();
        CookieHandler cookieHandler = CookieHandler.getDefault(); // This will be an instance of

2. Export the module private implementation using "--add-exports=javafx.web/”


> On 24-Aug-2018, at 12:27 PM, Miroslav Nachev < at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have apps that work well on JDK8, but on JDK10 I do not have access to
> some classes, for example, This class
> is the only one, that is up to date (RFC 6265) and is part of Java. The
> class is obsolete: RFC 2965. The Cookie solution in
> Apache HttpComponents is very complicated, difficult to use, and is mostly
> not compatible with JDK and JavaFX.
> In fact, I use JavaFX CookieManager in the following 3 scenarios:
>   - When using WebEngine (JavaFX 8).
>   - JavaFX Desktop App to store frequently used words in text and other
>   fields (TextField, etc.).
>   - To store session parameters in JavaFX Desktop Clients that uses REST
>   WS or Web Sockets to connect to the Web Server (App Server).
> Is there any way to enable access to
> at JDK 10?
> Regards,
> Miro.

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