how to implement delayed calculation of node/shape

Michael Paus mp at
Sun Aug 26 15:16:04 UTC 2018

One possible solution for this would be to use an AnimationTimer.
Maintain a dirty state somewhere and check that when the AnimationTimer
gets called for the next pulse.

Am 26.08.18 um 16:59 schrieb Zsolt Kúti:
> Hi,
> Some of my classes extend Path or Group and constructed by non-trivial
> algorithms that may use many properties, either standard (like strokeWidth)
> or non-standard ones. Setting a property calculates a new state at present.
> When several properties are set it means a lot of unnecessary calculations
> done.
> I would like to delay geometry/shape calculations similar the way
> Node/Shape do. They signal their state changes by dirty flagging and on
> pulse necessary synchronization does recalculations when being dirty.
> However relevant methods despite being public are deprecated (tipically
> ones starting with impl_) and cannot be relied upon.
> Is there a way to achive that kind of design for own classes?
> Thx!
> Zsolt

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