Javafx memory leak issue

Dhruvi Vaza dhruvi.vaza at
Fri Aug 31 13:53:48 UTC 2018


I am using javafx webview in my desktop application to load a url. I am
opening webview on dialog. When I press a button to open a dialog
containing webview. I get memory leak issue. sometimes it leads to crashing
of application.

Please give me proper solution.

*The below code I have used:*
public class HelpDialogController {

    private BorderPane helpDialogMainBorderPane;

    private WebView helpDialogWebView;

    public WebEngine webEngine;
    public static HelpDialogController instance;

     * Initializes the controller class.
    public void initialize() {
        // TODO
        instance = this;
        webEngine = helpDialogWebView.getEngine();
        // Delete cookies;

Thanks & Regards,
Dhruvi Vaza
Jr. Software Developer
Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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