More community participation in JavaFX

John-Val Rose johnvalrose at
Mon Feb 5 14:58:21 UTC 2018

Yes, me too.

I think it’s logical to establish *how* to make contributions first (and it’s great to see a lot of progress with this so far) but then there clearly needs to be a discussion of exactly *what* those contributions are, who decides which ones are important or permitted and how are they prioritised.

I have no experience in the “how” aspect of all this but I certainly have a large “wish list” of potential contributions :-)

> On 6 Feb 2018, at 01:48, Paul Ray Russell <paulrussell70 at> wrote:
> "I think a discussion on "where we should take the platform" is a good
> one to have...just not as part of this thread. "
> I'm looking forwards to the new thread :)

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