Monocle Headless BufferOverflowException (Issue + Fix)

Michael Ennen mike.ennen at
Fri Feb 23 22:29:38 UTC 2018


When doing some testing with TestFX running in headless mode
via Monocle I came across a BufferOverflowException.

After some google searching it seems that someone has come
across this before me and created a GitLab repository with the
full issue details and a suggested fix! I was wondering if this
has ever been brought to the attention of the JavaFX devs and if
there was a corresponding bug in JBS.

Here's the commit:

Here is the issue:

Thanks to John Neffenger for taking the time to put this together! I
wanted to make this work was known to Kevin and the team.

Thanks very much,

(P.S. When is ramp down phase 2 over? :) ).

Michael Ennen

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