OpenJFX JIRA Location

Michael Paus mp at
Sun Jan 7 14:52:25 UTC 2018

The old JIRA has been moved here:
But this won't help you very much unless you are already an OpenJDK 
author or more because
there is no public write access to this JIRA :-(

Am 07.01.18 um 15:06 schrieb Robert Hencke:
> Hello,
> I was looking to contribute some minor fix-ups to the OpenJFX build
> scripts.  As part of this, I found the page on the developer workflow here:
> It mentions that all contributions should first start with filing of a JIRA
> issue.  However, the link to JIRA provided on this page (
> does not seem to work.
> Is the JIRA site down, or maybe it moved?
> Thank you!
> Robert

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