OpenJFX JIRA Location

Michael Paus mp at
Sun Jan 7 17:58:49 UTC 2018

Your proposal will normally end up in the JIRA repository within 1-2 days.
And then what? As we are not talking about a bug report here, the 
proposal will most
certainly raise some questions. Now how do you answer these questions? 
How do you
discuss issues with the responsible people?

Am 07.01.18 um 18:40 schrieb Philip Race:
> You can go to, scroll to the bottom and 
> start a new bug report.
> It goes into the same JIRA instance in a different project and is then 
> trivially moved
> (by someone with write access) to the JDK project.
> Make sure you select javafx as the component.
> -phil.
> On 1/7/18, 6:52 AM, Michael Paus wrote:
>> The old JIRA has been moved here: 
>> But this won't help you very much unless you are already an OpenJDK 
>> author or more because
>> there is no public write access to this JIRA :-(
>> Am 07.01.18 um 15:06 schrieb Robert Hencke:
>>> Hello,
>>> I was looking to contribute some minor fix-ups to the OpenJFX build
>>> scripts.  As part of this, I found the page on the developer 
>>> workflow here:
>>> It mentions that all contributions should first start with filing of 
>>> a JIRA
>>> issue.  However, the link to JIRA provided on this page (
>>> does not seem to work.
>>> Is the JIRA site down, or maybe it moved?
>>> Thank you!
>>> Robert

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