Instructions for working on OpenJFX

Nir Lisker nlisker at
Mon Jan 8 12:15:44 UTC 2018


I have OpenJFX and OpenJDK built. I have also set up TortoiseHg and am
working with Eclipse. I have several questions:

1. Are the instructions at still valid from
JDK 8? There are old TODOs there. If not, can I get a quick update?

2. After importing the projects to Eclipse and working on the source, what
steps need to be taken when the changes are to:
a. only the docs?
b. Java code?
c. Prism code?
Do I need to rebuild the JDK with JavaFX, rebuild only JavaFX, only compile
etc? What tests do I need to run (e.g., I doubt I need to run regression
tests when changing JavaDocs)?

3. Eclipse uses EJC (which I never had trouble with). Can this cause

4. After creating a local changeset and assuming there is already a JIRA
issue for it and the fix approach was discussed, can I just push it and it
will enter a review queue? Do I need to ask someone specifically for a
review on the changeset ( is old...)?


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