Review request: 8194871: Fix mistakes in FX API docs

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Wed Jan 10 22:12:12 UTC 2018

Thank you for providing the patch. I uploaded it to 
for easy browsing:

I'll review it, and sponsor the change. Since I will be pushing it, I 
will need one more reviewer.

My quick sanity checking shows trailing whitespace in two files, which 
would cause jcheck to fail:

$ hg jcheck
Trailing whitespace
Trailing whitespace

I can fix this before I push.

-- Kevin

Nir Lisker wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> Please review the attached webrev.
> I addressed a few fixes I found as I was working, so they are not 
> listed in the JIRA report.
> About Transition#getParentTargetNode:
> The current behavior of parent-child relationship is that an animation 
> can be added to multiple parent transitions. Each parent transition 
> will see that animation as its child, however, the child will see only 
> one of those animations as its parent - the one to which is was added 
> last. This asymmetry is a recipe for trouble (and I argue should be 
> addressed at some point).
> For this reason, the doc does not specify the "last one wins" 
> behavior, so that no contract is created. This means that it's not 
> clear which parent is going to be queried on each (recursive) invocation.
> Most of the changes could be backported to 8 and 9. In 9, the methods 
> getRangeShape and getUnderlineShape of TextAreaSkin are also missing 
> documentation.

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