lipjpeg7 in static library

Phil Race philip.race at
Wed Jan 24 17:13:51 UTC 2018

Does libjavafx_iio.a really need to export the JPEG symbols ?
On Windows, or Linux, or Solaris ..  there are ways
to limit the exported symbols from a library.

I found this page for macos :

Not a complete answer but maybe somewhere to start.


On 01/24/2018 02:42 AM, Johan Vos wrote:
> Hi,
> We are currently building a native library for javafx_iio which includes
> libjpeg7. As a consequence, those symbols are included in the static
> libjavafx_iio.a on iOS. If we add other libraries (e.g. OpenCV) this can
> result in duplicate symbols, as the libjpeg7 library might be included in
> other frameworks as well.
> As a dirty hack, I build 2 versions of libjavafx_iio.a: one with libjpeg7,
> and one without. A better solution might be to prefix the symbols in the
> libjpeg7 files.
> Or are there better ideas?
> Thanks,
> - Johan

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