[11] Review request for 8191446: [Linux] Build and deliver the libav media stubs for openjfx build

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at oracle.com
Wed Jan 24 23:25:03 UTC 2018

Anyone outside of Oracle willing to give this a test drive? In any case, 
I plan to finish up my review today.

-- Kevin

Kevin Rushforth wrote:
> Sure, I'll review/test it when I get a chance.
> As a note to other reviewers, this patch adds a new 
> "BUILD_LIBAV_STUBS" flag to build.gradle to support building the libav 
> stubs in support of running on multiple Linux systems that may have 
> different versions of libav. Currently we only build these stubs when 
> doing a closed build for Oracle JDK. This patch moves this build logic 
> into the open, and is the last major [1] piece of closed build logic 
> preventing open and closed builds from being identical.
> It would be helpful if someone outside Oracle could test this out on 
> Linux and let us know whether it works for you.
> Alexander: can you add the information about the new flags(s) to JBS?
> Also, one thing I just thought of is that the new flag(s) could be 
> added to gradle.properties.template for documentation.
> Thanks.
> -- Kevin
> [1] there is still some cleanup that needs to be done, but this is the 
> last big piece
> Alexander Matveev wrote:
>> Hi Kevin,
>> Please review the following:
>> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8191446
>> Added support for building libav stubs.
>> Thanks,
>> Alexander

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