JDK-8196130: Eclipse configuration files need to be updated

Nir Lisker nlisker at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 13:36:41 UTC 2018

Iv'e removed all the classpath dependencies that were causing errors. I
don't mind sorting out the rest of the files while at it, though for that
there are a few things I'm not sure about:

1. Some dependencies are marked as optional and as such they don't cause
errors, but they are still missing. Is it safe to remove them or is it
possible that they will be created as some point?
Examples are the 'base' module with "src/test/resources"
and "src/main/resources" optional dependencies, and 'controls' module has
the optional dependency "src/main/resources" commented out.

2. Can I assume that all other dependencies are really needed? (Eclipse
won't complain about unused ones as far as I know.)

3. What are the formatting standards for XML (indentation, line length...)?
>From a quick look I see different styles in different files.

- Nir

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