[11] JDK-8204621: Upgrade MarlinFX to 0.9.2

Laurent Bourgès bourges.laurent at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 15:45:49 UTC 2018


> I added the system property "ClipShapeTest.numTests" but it requires a
> build.gradle change to pass the parameter:
> Yes, something like this is what I had in mind. As long as we don't add
> too many of these, it is OK with me. Note that as coded, the build will
> fail if you don't define ClipShapeTest.numTests, so you will need to check
> for that. I note also that you used tabs in build.gradle (so please change
> them to spaces). I recommend the following logic:
>         if (rootProject.hasProperty("ClipShapeTest.numTests")) {
>             systemProperty "ClipShapeTest.numTests",
> rootProject.getProperty("ClipShapeTest.numTests")
>         }

I adopted your proposal and updated the webrev:

PS: I am not really satisfied by adding such noise in build.gradle, but it
can be improved later ...


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