JavaFX 11 snapshots in maven sonatype

Johan Vos johan.vos at
Sat Jul 7 09:28:34 UTC 2018

As another possible "solution" for this, we can avoid using SNAPSHOTS by
using releases instead. This would also make sense in aligning the maven
artifacts with the standalone Java SDK, by using the same build number

This will make it much easier for gradle projects.

The drawbacks I see are mainly semantic. The sonatype release repository is
for releases, and 11.0.0-ea18 is, well, an early-access release. But since
it is tagged, it can easily be traced down to an exact state of the code
repository, so I think it makes sense.

- Johan

On Fri, Jul 6, 2018 at 2:33 PM Johan Vos <johan.vos at> wrote:

> That is a known issue indeed, but I think it should be fixed in Gradle. We
> can't easily upload all platforms using the same snapshot version, unless
> I'm missing something?
> We ran into this before, when working with nd4j SNAPSHOT versions on
> gradle. We "fixed" it by applying own plugin code, e.g.
> It is very inconvenient, so if you know an easy way to get all snapshot
> version to be equal, I would love to hear that. But still, if other
> libraries don't follow that approach (e.g. nd4j) it still means gradle
> can't be used (unless you apply the "snapshotlocal" fix as in the above
> link).
> I really hope this can be fixed, as I loved gradle (less typing), but this
> issue is the reason I had to revert to maven.
> - Johan
> On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 10:43 PM MUELLER-SCHRAMM Gerd <
> gerd.mueller-schramm at> wrote:
>> Hi Johan,
>> Gradle doesn't ignore the classifier but there is no Windows- and
>> Linux-version for the latest snapshot "20180702.224902-3". Gradle always
>> checks for the latest snapshot, adds the classifier and tries to download
>> this. The classifier 'mac' works with gradle. So all platform versions of
>> JFX need the same snapshot version.
>> Best regards,
>> Gerd
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>> Subject: JavaFX 11 snapshots in maven sonatype
>> A first batch of snapshots for the JavaFX 11 modules is now in the maven
>> sonatype snapshot repository (see
>> although you probably don't want to work with these artifacts directly but
>> use build tools like maven or gradle to do that)
>> This is work based on the not-yet-merged PR#83:
>> Basically, you need to specify which modules you need (transitive
>> dependency management will be handled by maven as the modules contain a
>> pom.xml with the same dependencies as the, e.g.
>> <dependency>
>>   <groupId>org.openjfx</groupId>
>>   <artifactId>javafx.controls</artifactId>
>>   <version>11.0.0-SNAPSHOT</version>
>> </dependency>
>> I have a few samples that show how you can use those artifacts in your
>> maven project:
>> (note that this is a
>> temporary
>> repository)
>> the topics/javafx3d directory contains a number of standalone samples
>> that can be executed via mvn clean install exec:java
>> Note that some of the samples create a build.gradle as well, but I never
>> managed to get gradle working with the combination of classifiers and
>> SNAPSHOT versions (it's actually the reason why I went back from gradle to
>> maven in other projects -- e.g. dl4j related).
>> If someone else can somehow fix the build.gradle, that would be great of
>> course.
>> Before PR#83 is merged, it would be nice to have a few reports from
>> people using the snapshots.
>> - Johan

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