JavaFX 11 maven snapshots - empty jars

Steve Hruda steve.hruda at
Fri Jul 13 14:19:20 UTC 2018

Johan asked me to move the empty jar discussion to the mailing list.

As I mentioned at GitHub, we did some tests with the published SNAPSHOT's
and we had to force an exclude of the empty jars at the dependecies.
Otherwise e.g. Eclipse shows a warning that the module name is instable
because of the "auto-generated" module name in case of the empty jars.

Thanks at Joeri for explaining the reason. I understand now the reason for
the empty jar.

I never tried it and I know that it doesn't fit to the familar handling of
platform dependent jars...

Have you thought about it to use the platform variable at the artifactId?
Something like:

Best Regards,

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