Openjfx ea: error on trying to access private fields

fastegal at fastegal at
Tue Jul 24 13:04:12 UTC 2018

Hi Kevin, thanks for your quick answer.

> The relaxed permissions, which are allowed given the default  
> '--illegal-access=permit' mode, only apply to modules that are  
> linked into the Java runtime. Modules that are loaded on the  
> module-path are subject to strict access controls.

ahh ... wasn't aware of that, probably should have read the modul  
specs more closely ;)

> I see three possible solutions for you:
> 1. Run your application with 'java --add-opens  
> javafx.controls/javafx.scene.control=ALL-UNNAMED'

will try, might help now that I know what the base problem is

> 2. jlink the javafx modules into a custom JRE (at which point the  
> javafx modules are part of the java runtime)

that's a good intermediate, thanks

> 3. Find a solution that doesn't rely on accessing internal  
> implementation details of javafx.controls.

hehe .. you mean without c&p of large portions of the overly closed  
internals <g>

> I note that the default for --illegal-access is likely to change to  
> "deny" in the not-too-distant future -- possibly as early as JDK 12,  
> so it is only a matter of time before this will affect platform  
> classes (at which time option #2 stops being available without  
> adding '--illegal-access=permit').
> Long-term you should explore #3, since accessing internal fields or  
> methods is fragile and might stop working at any point.

thanks again for the info (12 is next spring, so indeed not that far  
away), but then
the oldish versions will still be around for a while.

CU, Jeanette

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