JDK-8147476 Rendering issues with MathML token elements (Message for Murali Billa)

Abossolo Foh Guy guy.abossolo.foh at scientificware.com
Sat Jun 9 11:51:03 UTC 2018


Improvements :

- MathML rows are no more truncated.
- Cursor display to his right size, I can select and edit .
- Fraction display is pretty good.
- Matrix element positions display is pretty good (except delimiters).


Modified files :

- FontJava.cpp
- WCFontImpl.java
- WCFont.java
- FontJava.cpp
- WCFontPerfLogger.java

Is it possible that you can include such modifications to the next 
webkit version ?

I know all problems are not solved but the rendering is far better than 
the present implementation.

May be you have acces to previous implementation of these classes, 
before JavaFX was opensourced and compare changes I suggest with 
previous implementations.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Best regards.

May be you are working to change webkit version.
I finally found what's wrong with MathML lines overlapping.
In fact MathML needs platformBoundsForGlyph implementation in 


With patchs describe in this and previous message, fraction numerator 
and denominator like matrix lines are in there right positions.

But that's not solve all problems, but it's a great progress.
The remaining problem seems to be a ascent and descent Glyph, I'm still 
working on it.

Yours faithfully.



Thanks a lot for your answer.

     "If you are interested in seeing that this bug get fixed
     sooner, then I might suggest that you consider contributing a fix 
     this bug youself."

I already contributed to openjdk specific bugs for the same reasons you 
give me. An issue in the swing/text package. My patch was posted in 2012 
and accepted in 2017 for JDK9. It hasn't been a great experience for me. 
I'm working on Math notation support in swing/text package.

And the day that I also try to work with JavaFx ... the MathML support 
is broken !

I'm really interested in seeing this bug fixed.
That's why, I first contacted F. Wang from Igalia who worked on MathML 
integration in WebKit because I thought that it was a WebKit issue. But 
he answered me that it's probably a bug in OpenJFX because in others 
WebKit based applications, all works fine. He suggested me to post a bug 
report. Thus I made a look to the bug database and discovered that it's 
an old issue. This issue doesn't disappear with the new WebKit version 
in JavaFX.
And now, I'm trying to contact Murali to know what I can expect in the 
future releases.
I would be happy and proud to fix this issue but there is no 
documentation about WebKit integration in OpenJFX.
I hope Murali will add a coment about he plans to look at this.

Yours faithfully.


Le 2017-12-09 15:10, Kevin Rushforth a écrit :


     A fix version of 'tbd_major' means the bug is in our backlog and is
     not yet targeted for a specific release. There is no need to file
     another bug report, and doing so will not get it looked at any 

     Murali can comment as to whether he plans to look at this in the 
     term or not. If you are interested in seeing that this bug get fixed
     sooner, then I might suggest that you consider contributing a fix 
     this bug youself [1].

     -- Kevin

     [1] http://openjdk.java.net/contribute/

     Abossolo Foh Guy wrote:


         Could you inform me about the resolution of the (JDK-8147476) 
rendering issues with MathML token elements.
         I don't understand what means the marker value "for a 
to-be-determined major release".
         In other words, what is the process to determine this major 
release with the new release plan ?
         Do I need to post another bug report or are you still  working 
on it ?

         Best regards.


About the comment in JDK-8147476 :

* First, I tested webkit with Safari on OSX and IOS last versions in an 
Apple Store and with my Ipod. The screen captures confirm F. Wang 
(igalia) conclusion about the status of WebKit (Removed for the list).  
The display is pretty good. I tested these applications with Mozilla 
MathML Torture Test 
and the link posted in the bug report .

* Secondly : About Chrome, MathML support in Chrome is in progress :
May 2017 : https://twitter.com/regocas/status/869871891628126209
Novembre 2017 : https://mathml.igalia.com/
It seems that Google and Igalia had reached an agreement.

* Thirdly : Who knows that JavaFX support MathML since 2015. No 
reference in your documentation and in the MathML w3c website (Software 

Best regards.

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