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Wed Jun 20 08:24:35 UTC 2018

Zitat von Tom Eugelink <tbee at>:

> This is a well known and already deeply discussed issue. I'm still  
> not sure where we are with it, but Jonathan knows I believe.

tbd_major ... since nearly 7 years :(( actually, it took 4 years to  
get the necessity accepted, then another 2 years playing with  
incomplete suggested fixes and then ...

It's a complex problem, requires

a) additional commit/cancel api on the virtual controls to allow  
collaborators to cleanly terminate ongoing edits - this part has still  
been debated
b) a major cleanup of cell implementations - this part was under way  
(and evolving into the good direction) until Jonathan left

CU, Jeanette

> On 19-6-2018 20:53, Ty Young wrote:
>> On 06/19/2018 10:51 AM, omniprof at wrote:
>>> A minor issue in the Table component existed in previous versions of JavaFX
>>> when editing in a cell was turned on. Only if the Return key was  
>>> pressed was
>>> the data entered into the backing bean. Leaving the cell with Tab or by
>>> mouse did not register the change. I thought just when a cell looses focus
>>> it should trigger updating the bean. I have not looked at the recent builds
>>> but I thought I'd ask if it has come up on anyone's radar. I  
>>> noticed it when
>>> I moved from teaching Swing to FX.
>>> Ken Fogel
>> IIRC, this isn't specific to Table. A spinner with editing enabled  
>> also does this and it breaks events(onKeyTyped does nothing).

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