JavaFX and it use of GTK3

Sverre Moe at
Wed Jun 20 19:21:54 UTC 2018

Pardon me for asking this on the dev mailing list, but I wanted to get
this directly from the source.

I was glad to read that Java had gotten support for GTK3. Prior to
this I was oblivious with JavaFX relationship with GTK, apart from the
various Gtk-WARNING when starting applications. Then I began to
ponder, what does GTK do for JavaFX.

What does GTK have to say for JavaFX (disregard any AWT/Swing and SWT) ?

The JEP for GTK3 support mentioned the motivation for it:
* Active development is on GTK3 and GTK2 may not be available on Linux
in the future lifetime of JDK 9/10/11.
* Mixing of packages using different GTK versions causes application
failures. They mention this problem affects applications when using
Eclipse which are SWT-based. I tried running Eclipse with GTK3 enabled
without problem.

Other than that:
Does it provide better graphics with GTK3
Does it provide different visual graphics with GTK3
Does it provide better performance with GTK3

Does it mean JavaFX supports GTK3 themes? If one have selected a
desktop GTK theme could it be used in the JavaFX application for

Has Qt ever been a consideration for JavaFX instead of GTK?

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