JavaFX and it use of GTK3

Phil Race philip.race at
Wed Jun 20 19:39:03 UTC 2018


On 06/20/2018 12:21 PM, Sverre Moe wrote:
> Pardon me for asking this on the dev mailing list, but I wanted to get
> this directly from the source.
> I was glad to read that Java had gotten support for GTK3. Prior to
> this I was oblivious with JavaFX relationship with GTK, apart from the
> various Gtk-WARNING when starting applications. Then I began to
> ponder, what does GTK do for JavaFX.
> What does GTK have to say for JavaFX (disregard any AWT/Swing and SWT) ?

FX is not a GTK app from a rendering perspective.
It is used for all needed interaction with the Windowing System
and FX needs to co-exist with other libraries (eg SWT) using GTK3.
> The JEP for GTK3 support mentioned the motivation for it:
> * Active development is on GTK3 and GTK2 may not be available on Linux
> in the future lifetime of JDK 9/10/11.
> * Mixing of packages using different GTK versions causes application
> failures. They mention this problem affects applications when using
> Eclipse which are SWT-based. I tried running Eclipse with GTK3 enabled
> without problem.
> Other than that:
> Does it provide better graphics with GTK3
> Does it provide different visual graphics with GTK3

> Does it provide better performance with GTK3

> Does it mean JavaFX supports GTK3 themes? If one have selected a
> desktop GTK theme could it be used in the JavaFX application for
> styling?
No .. and no.
> Has Qt ever been a consideration for JavaFX instead of GTK?



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