JavaFX and it use of GTK3

Sverre Moe at
Wed Jun 20 20:16:17 UTC 2018

> > What does GTK have to say for JavaFX (disregard any AWT/Swing and SWT) ?
> FX is not a GTK app from a rendering perspective.
> It is used for all needed interaction with the Windowing System

Makes sense. For GUI components such as the FileChooser.
The FileChooser in JavaFX is using the system GTK theme, regardless of
Modena or any other configured styling.

> > Does it mean JavaFX supports GTK3 themes? If one have selected a
> > desktop GTK theme could it be used in the JavaFX application for
> > styling?
> No .. and no.

I was wondering because I know Eclipse have been effected in the past
by my installed GTK themes.
To be able to utilize the GTK theme would have helped to keep theme
consistent. Since dialogs such as FileChooser are using the GTK theme.

> > Has Qt ever been a consideration for JavaFX instead of GTK?
> No.
Why not? Would it be difficult to implement an Qt alternative for GTK
in Java? If it is even feasible.

In effect it means JavaFX will not work on systems that doesn't have
GTK installed, though OpenJDK have no install requirement on GTK.
I am running KDE which uses Qt, and apart from a very few applications
I have very little reliance on GTK.

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