Paul Ray Russell paulrussell70 at
Thu Jun 21 12:26:01 UTC 2018

1. I have a game which I'm trying to performance tune: I can obviously
monitor how often I'm calling draw (draw rate), but I can't monitor how
often the GPU is actually rendering (FPS) since the PerformanceTracker was
removed from the JDK.

I'm running FX at full speed (-Djavafx.animation.fullspeed=true), and
experimentation (using GPU vendor FPS monitors) shows that if I lower my
"draw rate" to match the actual GPU FPS, I get marginally smoother
rendering. I've never managed to work out why this would be the case, I get
no errors in with Prism running in verbose mode, but if I call draw a
faster rate than the GPU renders, I get tiny stutters in my game. These
would appear to be missed frames. I can try to video the problem if
necessary, but I can't easily make a simple SSCE.

In short, I'd really like to see a new version of the PerformanceTracker in
the public API. Is this difficult to achieve?

2. The other thing I'd love to see would be some way to set the native
screen resolution in JavaFX: my question:

All games offer this functionality in their graphics settings.

3. As, I last point: since I'm writing. It seems sad that Haxe Kha offers
transcompilation into Java, but all they can compile into is AWT, which
offers no shaders: hence there can be no Kha graphics4 in Java. Again, nods
to some modernising of the renderer in JavaFX to enable pipeline support
would be great.


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