Repositories, AdoptOpenJDK and github

Michael Ennen mike.ennen at
Sun Mar 4 09:28:53 UTC 2018

In my opinion we need a bot that does a few things to automate the GitHub
to OpenJFX contribution workflow.

One of those things is we can, upon getting a new pull request from someone
we haven't seen before, go over the OCA list and see if a username matches
their Github username. If it does, the bot can comment on the PR with

"This looks like your first contribution to the OpenJFX Github repository.
you signed the OCA (Oracle Contributor Agreement) before with the username
"brcolow" (name: Michael Ennen)? If so, reply with 'Yes, that is me." or if
reply with "Nope.".

If we don't find their username in the OCA list we can ask basically the
same question but leave out the bit with asking if they signed under their
github repository.

We will keep track of people that have signed it (and associate their github
account info) so they only need to go through that once.

I have seen this done in other github repositories (I think Microsoft uses
something like this?) but can't think of them off-hand.

Other things the bot will handle should be converting to a mercurial commit,
generating a webrev, associating/asking for a JBS bug report, etc.

I am willing to step up and write this bot. My idea would be to write it in
and use something like AWS Lambda to have it run every X minutes or so.
Alternatives are welcome...especially if there is some existing server
infrastructure we could use.

- Michael Ennen

On Sat, Mar 3, 2018 at 11:49 AM, Michael Paus <mp at> wrote:

> Am 03.03.18 um 19:35 schrieb Nir Lisker:
>> I'm still not sure about all the steps. In order to submit a PR I need
>> GitHub permissions? Can you know if I signed the OCA?
> There is a publicly available list of people which have signed the OCA
> here:
> --Michael

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