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Johan Vos johan.vos at
Fri May 18 11:51:03 UTC 2018

Hi Kevin,

Related to point 3:
what exactly do you mean with "Java FX has been removed from JDK 11"?
It isn't part of the OpenJDK 11-ea13 either so I don't see the difference?

I thought references to JavaFX would be removed from
sun.launcher.LauncherHelper, but they are still there. Do you know if there
are plans to remove the (implicit) launcher there?


- Johan

On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 12:09 AM Kevin Rushforth <kevin.rushforth at>

> I wanted to update you on the progress of the last couple weeks on the
> OpenJFX project:
> 1. As mentioned last week, we now have EA builds of OpenJFX 11 on
> [1]. We intend to update this roughly weekly. Currently the
> build numbers match the corresponding JDK build number, but that will
> not necessarily be the case going forward, so don't assume that they are
> in sync.
> 2. Barring any build or staging issues, this week's OpenJFX 11 EA build
> will include the jmods as mentioned earlier [2] [3]
> 3. JavaFX has been removed from JDK 11 as of this week. Starting with
> jdk-11+14, early access builds of JDK 11 will not include JavaFX.
> 4. After jdk-11+14 is posted on, and FX is no longer included
> in JDK 11, we will start using openjfx-11 as the fix version in JBS to
> distinguish it from JDK 11. We still expect to do a release of JavaFX 11
> around the same time as JDK 11, but using a different release number
> will help track the actual content of JavaFX 11 separately from JDK 11.
> 5. Once this settles down, possibly later this week, I hope to restart
> the discussion about OpenJFX policies, etc. I also hope to be a bit more
> responsive over the coming days / weeks than I have been for the last
> 3-4 weeks. Getting the standalone OpenJFX working and removing JavaFX
> from the JDK was quite time consuming as you can probably imagine.
> If you have any general comments or questions about any of this, please
> reply to this thread. We may want to split out more detailed discussions
> into their own thread to make it easier to follow.
> -- Kevin
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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