Netbeans X & Java 11?

Selim Dincer wowselim at
Mon Nov 19 07:11:57 UTC 2018


IntelliJ works quite OK with 11. Make sure to rightclick the fxml files ->
open in scenebuilder instead of the integrated one because that's an older
version. Also if you want to run your app without maven / gradle then you
need to download the javafx sdk and set JAVA_HOME otherwise you will get
some weird error. Also make sure to configure your run configuration
exactly like the recommended maven / gradle run configurations.
Apart from that the guide on the openjfx site (the gradle variant) kind of
worked for me.

This is why I suggested something like spring initializr or vert.x starter

On Sun, 18 Nov 2018, 22:02 Michael Dever <michael.dever at wrote:

> Oracle seems to have Destroyed the combination of:
> Netbeans, JavaFX, and SceneBuilder, building JavaFX from an IDE.
> Is there any other IDE that supports and builds: JavaFX FXML Applications,
> out of the box that just works, and that you can design the GUI
> application from SceneBuilder?
> Thanks,
> Mike Dever

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