OpenJFX FreeType Tests

John Neffenger john at
Mon Oct 8 20:29:38 UTC 2018

I ran tests of the latest OpenJFX, built with and without the fix to set 
the LCD filter, against 5 versions of the FreeType library, built with 
and without the ClearType subpixel rendering techniques enabled, and 
posted the results of all 20 tests on the page below.

OpenJFX FreeType Tests

The test results might make more sense if you first read the history 
section at the start of the page "OpenJDK FreeType Font Fix" [1].

I'm posting the results here because two of the test results could be 
considered a regression. Before the fix, OpenJFX (accidentally) got the 
new FreeType "Harmony" subpixel rendering, equal in quality to 
ClearType. After the fix, OpenJFX reverts to grayscale anti-aliasing (as 

The Harmony rendering is better, mostly due to its subpixel positioning, 
but I suggest we could wait a year before making any more related 
changes (see link above for details).



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