Review request for #151 Open VirtualFlow and other relating classes API for sublclassing

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Mon Oct 15 13:00:27 UTC 2018

Note that since this is request for a new feature there are a couple 
other steps needed:

1. The proposed feature, along with the new API should be discussed and 
general agreement reached. This is already in progress and is happening 
in the PR itself. Mainly what needs to be ironed out now is to make sure 
that each new API method is needed, and its purpose and use is well 
understood and documents. Some of you have already provided valuable 
feedback on this.

2. Once we have general agreement on the API additions, a CSR will be 
needed (Eugene has graciously agreed to file it with my help). The CSR 
will then need review / approval from a lead: Johan or myself.

The code review can proceed in parallel with #2 -- it will need (at 
least) two reviewers.

With Oracle Code One approaching, I expect there will be some delay in 
the first two items, but we still have plenty of time to get this in for 


-- Kevin

On 10/15/2018 5:27 AM, Sam' wrote:
> Please review the GitHub pull request:
> <>
> which fixes:
> Open VirtualFlow API for subclassing
> <>
> Thank you,
> Samir

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