Compiling with Visual Studio 2017

carl at carl at
Fri Oct 19 17:05:09 UTC 2018



I'm trying to build 8.0-b132 for Windows with Visual Studio 2017.  I was
able to build the Java code successfully, but am getting a path error


13:00:54.444 [ERROR] [org.gradle.BuildExceptionReporter] Caused by: Cannot run program "C:/cygwin64/VC/BIN/amd64/cl.exe"
(in directory "D:\hg\rt\modules\fxpackager"): CreateProcess error=2, The
system cannot find the file specified


This is my environment


export JAVA_HOME=D:/Java/open-jdk8u172-b11

export GRADLE_HOME=C:/gradle/gradle-1.8



export VS150COMNTOOLS="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Visual

export MSVC_VER=14.15.26706

export WINSDK_DIR="C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft SDKs/Windows/v10.0A"


I tried replacing the win.gradle from the 8.0-b132 with the file from the
tip.  In that case, I got a "WINSDK_DIR" not defined error.


Does anyone build openjfx 8 with 2017 or is everyone using the older VS for
the backports?  DirectX gave me an error when I tried to install the 2010
SDK.  Are the DirectX APIs embedded in VS now?








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