Compiling OpenJFX 8

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Sat Oct 20 03:00:54 UTC 2018

Thanks Stephen.  I’d be happy to be an early adopter/tester or to help with documentation and blog posts.  -Carl


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Hi Carl,

As FYI we are getting towards the end of a major effort to allow VS2017 
to be used to build JDK 8 (inc. JavaFX). 

We are about to carry out some internal (to Oracle) final build runs with
JavaFX/JDK 8 and VS2017.

I'd say we need another couple of weeks to run a few builds and knock down 
any remaining issues.

I suspect waiting here might give you something saving you time in the 
long run.

I'll take the AI to get back to the yourself and the alias with news.

With OC1 next week we need a little extra time...



On 10/19/18 19:27, carl at <mailto:carl at>  wrote:

Kevin R. replied to an email I put to the list about compiling with Visual
Studio 2017.  I'm not very good with Mercurial and thought 8.0b132 was the
most current JavaFX 8.  What tag, branch, or repo would I use to compile the
version of JavaFX 8 closest to what just shipped in Oracle's JDK 1.8.0_191.
I'll probably make more headway with the current Microsoft tools and a more
recent version.


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