Problems building openjfx

fastegal at fastegal at
Wed Oct 31 14:58:43 UTC 2018

wasn't as bad as expected, just had to interrupt because it took ages  
to test the webkit (which wasn't build so all its tests ran until each  
timed out)

> Task :web:test
WARNING: running web tests without building webkit.
The webkit native library will be copied from the JDK,
which might lead to failures in some web tests.
To avoid these failures, you should either build
webkit locally, copy the native webkit library from a
recent build, or skip execution of web test cases with
'-x :web:test'

fine to get informed after the fact <g> Hmm .. I would expect the default
script to behave the other way round: if the the webkit isn't built, then its
tests aren't run by default (but can be included if need be)

but well, I'm just starting to get my pants wet, so take whatever I expect
with a bag of salt :)

On another track: building everything from scratch takes some time - can I
use those build artefacts (namely the test infrastructure) and copy it over to
a single module project and just use it?

hmm .. need to try, tomorrow or so. Thanks so far!

Zitat von fastegal at

> okay after deleting the properties and running again, it at least  
> lists the tasks without error - thanks :)
> now will try a real build - expecting all hell breaking loose <g>
> Zitat von fastegal at

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