Is JavaFX going to truly be a community project?

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Sat Sep 1 14:35:15 UTC 2018

There is nothing stopping you or anyone else from producing builds of 
OpenJFX. Software doesn't build itself, though, so you'll need to find 
the resources to build / test / host JavaFX somewhere. I for one am very 
happy that Gluon has stepped up to do this. There has been some 
discussion with the AdoptOpenJDK folks about builds, so maybe something 
could happen there eventually.

As for a GitHub repo, there already is a GitHub mirror / sandbox here:

You can fork it, play around with it, even submit pull requests against 
it; as with any open source project, you will need to sign the 
contributor agreement, as well as have your code reviewed, in order to 
get your change merged in.

-- Kevin

On 9/1/2018 6:54 AM, Pedro Duque Vieira wrote:
> Yes, just a site with code on github would be enough, for example. Without
> any publicity or endorsement to any particular company.
> Jfxtras does this: and the code of the site is on
> github repository:
> Outside of this, Gluon can still offer consultancy, payed support for
> javafx, javafx based products, etc.
> I think this is the type of decisions that should be discussed among the
> community before any action is taken.
> Cheers,
> On Sat, Sep 1, 2018 at 2:05 PM Werner Van Belle <werner at>
> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Just put it on github and let people fork it however they want.
>> That would be "open".
>> Werner,-
>> PS: I _am_ seriously pissed at Oracle about this shit. I spend the last
>> years specializing in their newest technology 'which they would never
>> ever drop' and now they just drop it.
>> On Sat, 2018-09-01 at 22:38 +1000, John-Val Rose wrote:
>>> Hi Pedro,
>>> I just happen to agree with you in this issue.
>>> But, out of all the possible new custodians of JavaFX, I have to say
>>> that I am always in awe of what Johan and Gluon have already
>>> contributed and accomplished.
>>> So how do we ensue that OpenJFX is truly “open”?
>>> I agree that even though Gluon are doing a fantastic job, JavaFX
>>> should not be a “Gluon product”.
>>> I think it’s a great move for Oracle to basically relinquish control
>>> of JavaFX - but to whom?
>>> I’m not familiar enough with FOSS projects to offer any sage advice
>>> but I totally agree that a “community” project has to be as open to
>>> everyone as possible and no person or entity should have a commercial
>>> advantage over others.
>>> So, basically I like your question, I don’t believe the current
>>> scenario is satisfactory but unfortunately I confess I can’t offer
>>> any suggestions of better scenarios.
>>> Graciously,
>>> John-Val Rose
>>>> On 1 Sep 2018, at 22:00, Pedro Duque Vieira <pedro.duquevieira at gmai
>>>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> For JavaFX to start being, truly, a community project it is
>>>> important that
>>>> it is perceived as a real community effort. Right now it's starting
>>>> to look
>>>> more like it's changing hands, from being an Oracle project to
>>>> being a
>>>> Gluon project.
>>>> I don't have anything against Gluon, I'd say the same if for
>>>> instance,
>>>> instead of Gluon it was JPro or Karakun, or whatever...
>>>> Hosting the JavaFX docs, builds, installations, etc on a company
>>>> owned site
>>>> or a company endorsed site sounds like a really bad idea. Which is
>>>> what's
>>>> happening right now. If it's to be a community project it should be
>>>> owned
>>>> by the community as a whole. As well as being perceived to be owned
>>>> by the
>>>> community as a whole.
>>>> Being a one company project will deter the contributions of other
>>>> players
>>>> in the JavaFX space. Other players that also offer consultancy
>>>> services,
>>>> and JavaFX products will have a big disadvantage towards the
>>>> company
>>>> hosting the JavaFX assets and downloads. At the very minimum think
>>>> about
>>>> the huge advantage this company will have in publicity when
>>>> compared to the
>>>> others.
>>>> A community project is a project where various players join efforts
>>>> to
>>>> mutually benefit each other. As soon as this starts being a project
>>>> that's
>>>> benefiting one particular company more than the others it ceases to
>>>> be a
>>>> community project.
>>>> I don't think that anyone would like to join in on the efforts in
>>>> this
>>>> scenario.
>>>> Thanks,

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