Is JavaFX going to truly be a community project?

Pedro Duque Vieira pedro.duquevieira at
Sat Sep 1 19:49:20 UTC 2018

I'm just an individual, freelancer/consultant, I don't have the resources
to build / test  / host JavaFX myself. I've done what I can to contribute
with free open source projects for JavaFX (see: for a list of some, not all of my free open
source JavaFX projects). I try to contribute with what I think I can do
I only do this because of my passion for the technology. I'm not gaining
anything with it, in fact I haven't had any javafx client projects in about
an year. I've recently only done web development.

But enough about myself.

I was kinda skeptical when Oracle "dropped" JavaFX. Anyway, I thought it
was going to become a community effort. My vision was various players
companies or individuals contributing towards the common goal of evolving
JavaFX, No individual company would stand out has the owner of JavaFX. It
would be community owned and the various players could support themselves
by selling their own JavaFX products or consultancy services. This would
only work if no one company or individual stands out has the JavaFX owner,
ripping all the benefits out of the contributions of the other players.

I'm in a hurry right now. Don't have time to write something more pondered.
I don't want to offend anyone, and I'm sorry if this sounds too harsh but
that's how I'm perceiving things to be right now and in the future.

If some non profit would take up the task of building and providing JavaFX
that would be the best solution. Or some entity that could be funded by all
the other players. I'm not perfectly acquainted with AdoptOpenJDK. Not sure
if this is how they work.

As things stand out right now, it's not appealing. It's not something that
would motivate me into contributing my free time. I think probably others
might think like this. Will maybe just fork javafx and make their own
distributions. Or just go and try out a different technology. Or maybe I'm
just wrong.


Pedro Duque Vieira -

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