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Hi Michael,
Could everybody access to the Wiki and modify it ?
Le 2018-09-04 9:16, Michael Ennen a écrit :
> Johan,
> I just wanted to remind you (and everyone) that Github offers a Wiki 
> feature
> so we have a nice way to house at least some documentation (probably 
> mostly
> related to actually working on OpenJFX itself) already.
> I think 3.) is somewhat pie-in-the-sky and it is my humble opinion that 
> time
> would be better spent documenting for other prospective developer's how
> we (the contributors) actually work on JavaFX. How do we set up IDEs,
> configure build systems, debug native code, etc. etc.
> I am trying to make setting up a local dev environment as painless
> as possible on Windows for working on JavaFX and there is a tie-in
> to that effort with having Appveyor scripts that share the same 
> build/setup
> logic. I have made some progress thereof, I want to make more.
> Cheers,
> Michael Ennen
> On Tue, Sep 4, 2018 at 12:02 AM Johan Vos <johan.vos at> 
> wrote:
>> It has been mentioned a number of times that JavaFX would benefit from 
>> a
>> JavaFX website.
>> I see a number of options that fall in the category website:
>> 1. A set of pages with details on what OpenJFX is, how to build, where 
>> to
>> download and get release notes, how to contribute, roadmap,... That is 
>> what
>> I believe can perfectly be done in the OpenJFX wiki. It can be the
>> reference manual
>> 2. A set of pages targeting new and existing JavaFX developers, with a
>> focus on where to download, how to get started (maven/gradle/IDE's), 
>> where
>> to get docs/tutorials and probably with some links to third party 
>> libraries
>> (free/commercial). This is sort of the user manual.
>> 3. A highly interactive community site, gathering tweets/blog posts 
>> etc,
>> more or less similar to what James Weaver and Gerrit Grunwald did 
>> years
>> ago.
>> For 1: I think this is up to us (OpenJFX committers) to maintain and
>> improve. It will also benefit the people here.
>> For 2: This is the most important thing, I believe. It would be great 
>> if a
>> number of people from this list step up to organize this. It can be a
>> static website, a github page, or anything else. I don't think this
>> strictly belongs under OpenJFX (which I consider to be the technical
>> development umbrella) but it's extremely important to have.
>> I think this is a perfect opportunity for people and companies who 
>> want to
>> get more active in JavaFX to get involved in.
>> For 3: That would be nice, but I think it's too ambitious for now. I 
>> would
>> be happy with a static, simple, clear website.
>> - Johan

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