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Nir Lisker nlisker at
Tue Sep 4 08:18:01 UTC 2018

1.  Yes. The OpenJFX wiki is editable only by specific people (or only
Kevin) and it requires a lot of updating. We need either to be able to
submit changes to it, or to use the GitHub wiki which is collaborative by
design, in which case we need to hide the OpenJFX wiki to avoid confusion.

2. Yes. The tutorials [1] are slightly outdated (and SceneBuilder should
disappear from there ASAP and point to Gluon). I don't know who controls
those pages.

3. No. There's not enough traction. Jonathan Giles collects some "links of
the week" and the semi-zombified /r/JavaFX subreddit is enough to indicate
that we shouldn't invest yet in this direction.


- Nir

On Tue, Sep 4, 2018 at 10:02 AM Johan Vos <johan.vos at> wrote:

> It has been mentioned a number of times that JavaFX would benefit from a
> JavaFX website.
> I see a number of options that fall in the category website:
> 1. A set of pages with details on what OpenJFX is, how to build, where to
> download and get release notes, how to contribute, roadmap,... That is what
> I believe can perfectly be done in the OpenJFX wiki. It can be the
> reference manual
> 2. A set of pages targeting new and existing JavaFX developers, with a
> focus on where to download, how to get started (maven/gradle/IDE's), where
> to get docs/tutorials and probably with some links to third party libraries
> (free/commercial). This is sort of the user manual.
> 3. A highly interactive community site, gathering tweets/blog posts etc,
> more or less similar to what James Weaver and Gerrit Grunwald did years
> ago.
> For 1: I think this is up to us (OpenJFX committers) to maintain and
> improve. It will also benefit the people here.
> For 2: This is the most important thing, I believe. It would be great if a
> number of people from this list step up to organize this. It can be a
> static website, a github page, or anything else. I don't think this
> strictly belongs under OpenJFX (which I consider to be the technical
> development umbrella) but it's extremely important to have.
> I think this is a perfect opportunity for people and companies who want to
> get more active in JavaFX to get involved in.
> For 3: That would be nice, but I think it's too ambitious for now. I would
> be happy with a static, simple, clear website.
> - Johan

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