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Pedro Duque Vieira pedro.duquevieira at
Tue Sep 4 12:27:03 UTC 2018

I can volunteer to build or help build such a site.

I think such a site should have examples of apps built with JavaFX or/and
big well known companies using JavaFX to build apps. For example we can say
that NASA uses JavaFX or at least that NASA uses software built with JavaFX
(just an example).
Electron, React Native, Xamarin have this on their website. I think it acts
a bit like the movie scores on sites like IMDB that you check out before
actually seeing the movie to know if the movie is any good. It shows proof
that you can build real, well working apps with JavaFX. If reputable
companies use it or reputable software has been built with it then it
should be good.

Another point: If the site is to have a highly interactive component with
list of third party libraries, tweets, blog posts, etc. Then it needs to be
actively maintained or we risk passing down the message that the technology
is dead. If all those links are old, obsolete or broken or the user sees
that no new content has been added in a while, he may assume the technology
isn't being maintained. So if we add this we need to make sure it can in
fact be actively maintained.

One other question I'd like to raise is the domain. What domain should we


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