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Thu Sep 6 22:21:33 UTC 2018

I have a database table named company that looks like this:


When the application is asked to change the value of ArbolOne to ArbolOn,


the application generates the following schema represented on this 
message box:

which produces this Exception error:

I am attaching a snip of the code, in case you'd like to know it.
Having said that, I'd like to know if this is a bug or if I have not 
understand the information found in here 

Any help would be much appreciated.

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public class ToDataBase extends CenizaDatabaseManager {

	 * Update a record from the database
	 * ......
	public void updateRecord(ArrayList<StringDataIntegrityVerification> relation)
			throws SQLException {
		MessageBox mb = new MessageBox();
		try {
			this.schema.delete(0, schema.length());
			this.schema.append("UPDATE ");
			this.schema.append(relation.get(2).toString()); // Table name
			this.schema.append(" SET ");
			this.schema.append(relation.get(3).toString()); // Column name
			this.schema.append(relation.get(4)); // new data
			this.schema.append(", ");
			this.schema.append("WHERE id ");
			this.schema.append(relation.get(1).toString()); // Primary Key

			mb.Show("Debugging", "ToDataBase.updateRecord(...)", schema.toString());
			System.out.println("and the \'schema\' is " + schema);

			this.stmt.executeUpdate(this.schema.toString()); //<-- Exception ??

		} catch (final /*SQL*/Exception e) {
			mb.Show("Debugging", "Error message: " + e.getMessage());


}// End of Class

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