"javapackager" in no-mans-land?

Lennart Börjeson lenborje at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 06:12:42 UTC 2018

It was migrated, but removed...

The recommended work-around is to use the javapackager in OracleJDK 10 when packing Java/OpenJfx 11 applications.

That may or may not be practical depending on your build setup. Also, if you’re currently using the UserJvmOptions services, these are also gone in Java/OpenJfx 11, and it would complicate the build process even further if you were required to separate the parts needing to compile with OracleJDK 10, too.

I’m using Gradle to build my project, and it is currently dependent on the javafx-Gradle-plugin to package. To upgrade to Java/OpenJfx 11, and still keep the javapackager, I would need to refactor:

1) my code base, to separate the parts needed to compile with OracleJDK 10 to get the UserJvmOptions,
2) my Gradle structure, to run in three steps (compile some parts with 10, compile most parts with 11, package all with 10 while still linking most from 11).

It’s too much for me. I’ve decided to remain at Java 10 and wait until there’s a javapackager replacement. The javafx-Gradle-plugin has also been deprecated due to the loss of the javapackager, so I’m stuck anyway with Java 10 unless I rework my entire build structure substantially. I’m hoping for a future Gradle plugin replacement.

Seriously, it would be much easier to build my own JDK with OpenJfx, the javapackager and UserJvmOptions Service still bundled with it, but then I’d step up to a completely different level of support commitment...

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> 18 sep. 2018 kl. 22:37 skrev Tom Golden <tgolden at andplus.com>:
> I understand that along with JavaFX being removed from the Oracle JDK
> distribution in Java 11, the Oracle team will no longer release the
> `javapackager` tool.
> I also see there is a JEP discussing an eventual replacement, JEP-343 (
> http://openjdk.java.net/jeps/343).
> Just to confirm, the tool was NOT migrated to OpenJFX with the rest of the
> JavaFX code, correct? So until JEP-343 is implemented in a future release
> (?) there is no "official" way to package native installers for JavaFX
> applications?
> If so, is it in theory still possible to use the Oracle javapackager tool
> from earlier releases? Or should we remain on Java 10 for the time being?
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