JavaFX Days Zurich

Dirk Lemmermann dlemmermann at
Wed Sep 19 12:07:44 UTC 2018

With all this activity going on in the JavaFX space right now, I thought it is a good idea to inform people on this list that we are currently organizing a “JavaFX-Only” conference in Zurich on Dec. 3rd until Dec. 5. More info on: <>

The first day will have a beginners and an expert training class (Anton Epple, Hendrik Ebbers).
The second day will be filled with presentations from various JavaFX experts: Johan Vos, Hendrik Ebbers, Gerrit Grunwald, …. me ( ** blushing **)
The third day will be a “JavaFX on Mobile” day with a Gluon Workshop.

Hope to see you there …


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