JBS report status.

Abossolo Foh Guy guy.abossolo.foh at scientificware.com
Thu Sep 20 20:16:22 UTC 2018

Thanks a lot.

- Guy.

Le 2018-09-20 0:19, Kevin Rushforth a écrit :
> Back in 2015, when the bug in question was filed, there was no
> additional communication sent. Today you should receive an email once
> a bug is moved to the JDK project, so you can track it.
> -- Kevin
> On 9/19/2018 2:03 PM, Abossolo Foh Guy wrote:
>>   Hi,
>> May be my first bug report in 2008 :-)
>> I felt very pride when I recieved this mail, even thougt it was a 
>> robot
>> answer :-)
>>> Dear Java Developer,
>>> Thank you for your interest in improving the quality of Java 
>>> Technology. Your report has been assigned an internal review ID of 
>>> 1379474, which is NOT visible on the Sun Developer Network (SDN). 
>>> Please be aware that the large volume of reports we receive sometimes 
>>> prevents us from responding individually to each message. If the 
>>> information is determined to be a new Bug or RFE, or a duplicate of a 
>>> known Bug or RFE, you will receive a followup email containing a 
>>> seven digit bug number. You may search for, view, or vote for this 
>>> bug in the Bug Database at http://bugs.sun.com/. If you just reported 
>>> an issue that could have a major impact on your project and require a 
>>> timely response, please consider purchasing one of the support 
>>> offerings described at http://developers.sun.com/services/. The Sun 
>>> Developer Network (http://developers.sun.com) is a free service that 
>>> Sun offers. To join, visit 
>>> http://developers.sun.com/global/join_sdn.html. For a limited time, 
>>> SDN members can obtain
>>    fully
>> licensed Java IDEs for web and enterprise development. More 
>> information is at http://developers.sun.com/prodtech/javatools/free/. 
>> Thank you for using our bug submit page.
>>> Regards, Java Developer Bug Report Review Team
>> But since some years, no more information.
>> How to know the status of a bug report ?
>> I'm present (trying to be not "noisy") in the JDK and JFX lists since 
>> I
>> discovered that one of my bug report (JDK-8133864) was treated without 
>> a
>> feedback from JBS.
>> I saw that the bug was corrected only after installing a new Java
>> version.
>> I never received a bug ID ?
>> Could bug reporter have at least an automatic feedback of the status 
>> of
>> his bug report.
>> Best regards.

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