BUG: TableView's setMouseTransparent method does not make mouse transparent

Paul Ray Russell paulrussell70 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 07:43:39 UTC 2018

>> JavaFX does not use exclusive full-screen mode. It simulates full
>> screen by using an undecorated window that is exactly the size of the
>> screen. This means that pop-ups, such as those used by ComboBox and
>> content menus, will continue to work (they use separate windows).
>>-- Kevin

> Well, that kind of stinks.

I agree, Ty: it's a terrible idea, and in my experience makes JavaFX
unworkable for games. There is no way to change native screen resolution, I
have to go to command line to achieve this and use a C++ solution. It's one
of my major gripes, along with no shader access. Ref: performance, I've
found the canvas, currently the fastest way to render content, to be slow
against pure native OpenGL/Vulcan/Dx solutions.

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