BUG: zip file in sdk lib folder causes bugged JDK build

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at oracle.com
Sat Sep 22 14:01:55 UTC 2018

I have never seen this problem. As for including src.zip in the "lib" 
directory, that matches what the JDK has done for years. It may have 
something to do with how you are building your JDK? In any case, as 
mentioned in a previous email, I do not recommend using a boot JDK with 
JavaFX modules to build FX. This is no longer the expected way to build 
FX and will quite likely stop working at some point.

-- Kevin

On 9/18/2018 7:30 PM, Ty Young wrote:
> The zip file "src.zip" located in rt/build/sdk/lib/ after building 
> JavaFX from source causes a bugged build of OpenJDK with JavaFX 
> integrated into it. The build itself completes just fine, it's just 
> that resulting build has issues.
> Because a zip file isn't a supported module format, Netbeans spits out 
> an error saying as such when attempting to compile a JavaFX 
> application(unsure if the project being modular matters here or not, 
> but it is.). It also seems to cause any attempt to build a new build 
> of OpenJDK to segmentation fault using that same bugged JDK as the 
> boot jdk.
> Is there somekind of special exception for unsupported module formats 
> for the standalone SDK or is it just manually removed after it's done 
> being compiled?
> Not sure if it's worth creating a bug report for this since this seems 
> to be some minor mishap. Including a zipped file of the source code in 
> a lib file doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me... I would think it 
> should be in the parent directory(rt/buid/sdk), next to the legal and 
> lib folders.

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