Filling the Packager gap

Sverre Moe at
Wed Sep 26 18:50:17 UTC 2018

I have tried this jpackager a bit. It is working fine packaging a Java
modular project.
However it fails to package a none modular project. I modified my project
and removed the modularization and tried again to see if it would work to
package our legacy Java 8 project (though now built with JDK 11 and with
dependencies on openjfx 11).

I was under the impression that the jpackager should also work to package
non-modular projects.

The Gradle distribution task produces an tar archive with all the
dependencies and my own JAR, which I am using as input to the jpackager.

This produces the RPM for the modular project:
sverre at mintaka:~/workspace/movies/build/distributions/movies-1.0-SNAPSHOT/lib>
~/Downloads/jdk.packager-linux/jpackager create-installer --output outputDir
--verbose --echo-mode --module-path . --module

Using the jpackager to package non modular project:
sverre at mintaka:~/workspace/movies-java11/build/distributions/movies-1.0-SNAPSHOT>
~/Downloads/jdk.packager-linux/jpackager create-installer --input lib --output
outputDir --verbose --echo-mode --class
no.smeaworks.movies.MoviesApplication --main-jar movies-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

ECHO-MODE: Running [rpmbuild, --version]

"Adding modules: [] to runtime image."

ECHO-MODE: Running jlink [
--output =
--module-path = [/usr/lib64/jvm/java-11-openjdk-11/jmods]
--add-modules = []
--limit-modules = []
--exclude-files = .*\.diz
--strip-native-commands = false
Exception: ModuleTarget attribute is missing
for java.base module
Config files are saved to /tmp/jdk.packager8937818818558013564/linux. Use
them to customize package.
Exception in thread "main" jdk.packager.internal.PackagerException: Error:
Bundler "RPM Bundle" (rpm) failed to produce a bundle.


       at jdk.packager/
       at jdk.packager/jdk.packager.Main.main(

Is my presumption wrong that it should package also non modular projects,
or am I missing some runtime flags to jpackager?

Johan, you mentioned that Gluon is using this to package SceneBuilder 11. I
reckon that Gluon has yet to modularize SceneBuilder? Can you provide some
insight how you use jpackage to build the project? I could not find
anything on it in the Gluon SceneBuilder GitHub repository.


Den ons. 19. sep. 2018 kl. 10:56 skrev Johan Vos <johan.vos at>:

> Hi,
> As promised, we looked into an interim solution for the packager-gap. Work
> for the new Java Packager (12?) is being done in the OpenJDK sandbox repo.
> We backported the required changes to an OpenJDK 11 mirror:
> With this, we created modified OpenJDK 11 builds that contain the packager
> (wrapper/exe + module including native library). They can be downloaded and
> tested/used at
> For Windows, you have to unzip the bundle in the same directory as the JDK,
> as the packager wrapper expect to find the java binary at the same level.
> Note that these are not products. We use them internally to create
> installers (e.g. we're using them for Scene Builder 11 and that works
> fine), and they do what we expect them to do, but there are no guarantees
> of course so at least for now I recommend using them in development only
> (or even better, look at the changes and contribute to
> or to this backport)
> - Johan

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