Setting the FreeType LCD filter

John Neffenger john at
Sun Sep 30 19:03:00 UTC 2018

I think I found the cause of the text rendering problem I have always 
seen in JavaFX applications on Linux:

Reduce color fringes in FreeType subpixel rendering

I'm finally seeing the fonts as they were intended! I used the Oracle 
bug report outline as a template for the GitHub issue to make it easy to 
copy to the Java Bug Database. Do I need a Java Bug ID before I submit a 
pull request?


P.S.: For background information, there is a great demonstration of LCD 
filtering algorithms by Felipe Heidrich at 1:02:47 into the video 
"JavaFX Text Rendering" <>. The 
link takes you directly to the two-minute segment showing the text 
rendered by FreeType, first with no filter, and then with its various 
filter options. (Note: the audio is a bit loud.)

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