Setting the FreeType LCD filter

Philip Race philip.race at
Sun Sep 30 21:03:58 UTC 2018


Your explanation makes sense.
Compile time linking is probably best so long as we can verify that
the function is available on all the platforms we need to build & run on 
.. notably
older versions of OEL&RHEL.

Failing that, then as well as adding ".6" we should initialise

     jint rc =-1;

instead of to zero .. so that failure to find the function isn't confused
as failure *of* the function, which in a nutshell, seems to be the bug here.
And I suppose we have the same bug on "older" systems where the freetype library is
found but lack the symbol.

Is there no JBS bug id already open on this ? If one was closed as not reproducible,
we can re-open it. Better than creating a new one.


On 9/30/18, 12:03 PM, John Neffenger wrote:
> I think I found the cause of the text rendering problem I have always 
> seen in JavaFX applications on Linux:
> Reduce color fringes in FreeType subpixel rendering
> I'm finally seeing the fonts as they were intended! I used the Oracle 
> bug report outline as a template for the GitHub issue to make it easy 
> to copy to the Java Bug Database. Do I need a Java Bug ID before I 
> submit a pull request?
> Thanks,
> John
> P.S.: For background information, there is a great demonstration of 
> LCD filtering algorithms by Felipe Heidrich at 1:02:47 into the video 
> "JavaFX Text Rendering" <>. The 
> link takes you directly to the two-minute segment showing the text 
> rendered by FreeType, first with no filter, and then with its various 
> filter options. (Note: the audio is a bit loud.)

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