JavaFx 11 on RHEL 6

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Wed Apr 3 15:17:46 UTC 2019

Hi Kevin

Thanks for your prompt response. 

We were thinking about getting the code ourselves and trying to sort this locally. Do you think this is completely out of the question? I presume altering build scripts would not be a problem for us, but if there are any significant, possibly architectural, changes in the software itself (that require something RHEL 7 exclusive), then perhaps we might be barking up the wrong tree. Can you think of anything? Off the top of your head.



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As of JDK 9, JavaFX requires RHEL 7 or later, so no, there is no support for RHEL 6. It would be a moderate effort to add this (mostly in the build scripts and particularly in the way the native media libraries are built). We have no plans to add this support.

-- Kevin

On 4/3/2019 7:51 AM, Chris Nicholas wrote:
> Hi. I’ve been directed to forward this query to this address by Gluon support. Here’s the query:
> Our company makes a desktop application in Java. We have invested quite heavily in switching our application to JavaFX over the last few years. We're now trying to switch (from Oracle Java 8) to use java 11 with openjdk and openjfx. It all seems fine except if I want to run our application on Linux RHEL 6. Then I get errors about unsatisfied links to do with glibc version, while trying to initialise the graphics. We've reached out to our customers and those that run linux are pretty much all still on RHEL 6 and have no plans to move. I've looked about on the internet and can't find any solution to this problem. Are there any plans for addressing this in future versions of openjfx?
> Let me know if you need anything more.

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