Johan Vos johan.vos at gluonhq.com
Fri Apr 5 12:36:26 UTC 2019

Hi Kevin,

I ask permission to backport the following issues to 11-dev:

JDK-8209457 : [WebView] Canvas.toDataURL with image/jpeg MIME type fails
JDK-8213541 : WebView does not handle HTTP response without ContentType
JDK-8211307 : Add prefix to build tools paths
JDK-8207772 : File API and FileReader should be supported in WebView
JDK-8214119 : Update to 607.1 version of WebKit
JDK-8214452 : Update libxml2 to version 2.9.9
JDK-8211454 : Update SQLite to version 3.26.0
JDK-8215702 : SVG gradients are not rendered
JDK-8215799 : Complex text is not rendered by webkit on Windows
JDK-8214185 : Upgrade GStreamer to the latest (1.14.4) version
JDK-8213806 : WebView - JVM crashes for given HTML
JDK-8218611 : [DRT] fast/xslt tests fails with Unsupported encoding
JDK-8219539 : Cherry pick GTK WebKit 2.22.6 changes

- Johan

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